Case Study,
Pharma Sector

MedPharmCo is a renowned player in the pharmaceutical industry, with a presence stretching back more than half a century. 

Its operations include the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, from everyday over-the-counter medications to specialized life-saving drugs. Having grown primarily through a series of acquisitions, 

MedPharmCo’s portfolio comprises of dozens of disparate entities operating globally.



Dr. Amgad Badewi

Principle Investigator

12 years experience

Legacy Systems

The company’s explosive growth had resulted in a patchwork of differing operating procedures, cultures, and technologies across its various entities. 

The entities continued to function in silos, each with its own legacy systems and processes, leading to redundancies and inefficiencies. Further, the lack of standardized procedures meant that the company was not leveraging its scale and was facing challenges in managing its complex, sprawling operations.

Another factor compounding these issues was the regulatory landscape. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, MedPharmCo needed to navigate a complex web of laws and regulations, which varied across different jurisdictions.  Ensuring compliance across the organization was a significant challenge due to the lack of standardization and centralized oversight.

IBIS Consultancy established a dedicated TMO


The TMO was designed to be the central coordinating body that would oversee the entire transformation process, from defining the strategy and vision to coordinating with various divisions and managing the change. 

The TMO was also expected to ensure that the transformation would not disrupt the organization’s day-to-day operations or negatively impact the high standards of quality and safety that MedPharmCo was known for.

TMO Led by IBIS Consultancy

The role of the Transformation Management Office (TMO) at MedPharmCo was both comprehensive and multifaceted. It was designed to lead the entire transformation process and ensure that it aligns with the company’s strategic goals.


The establishment of the TMO significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of MedPharmCo’s operations. 

The organization was able to reduce redundancies, streamline operations, improve regulatory compliance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

The TMO’s efforts led to  

Key Achievements


Reduction in Operational Costs


Increase in Productivity


Improvement in the organisation's Compliance Score


Reduction in Waste (7Ws)

Another Success Story

The case of MedPharmCo serves as an excellent example of how IBIS Consultancy assisted one of its major clients in the pharmaceutical field by establishing a Transformation Management Office.

This initiative effectively steered a large-scale transformation within the industry. The case underscores the necessity for a dedicated team to manage the transformation process. It also emphasizes the importance of clearly communicating the vision, coordinating efforts, effectively managing change, and monitoring and evaluating the outcomes

Consultancy Team


Omar AlFarouk

Pharmacy Consultant

20 years experience


Dr. Youssef Sultan

Compliance Consultant

25 years experience


Dr. Ahmed Al Barbary

Transformaiton Consultant

16 years experience

Client Feedback from the Case Study

"The Transformation Management Office (TMO) services provided by IBIS Consultancy were invaluable during our company-wide transformation process. Their team played a pivotal role in identifying areas for improvement, establishing standardized procedures, and ensuring smooth integration across all our departments. Their professionalism and dedication truly set them apart."

Theo James

"IBIS Consultancy's TMO services were instrumental in driving our organization's large-scale transformation. Their meticulous planning, structured implementation, and rigorous monitoring have resulted in significant improvements in our operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Their team's expertise in change management was particularly impressive."

Emilia Munro

"We highly recommend IBIS Consultancy's TMO services. Their team played a pivotal role in steering our transformation, overcoming hurdles, and ensuring a smooth transition. Their commitment to maintaining regular and transparent communication with all stakeholders was truly commendable."

Branden Griffiths

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Year 1:

  • Month 1-3: Strategic Planning

    • Conduct analysis of current operations
    • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks
    • Develop transformation strategy and goals
  • Month 2-4: Stakeholder Engagement

    • Begin regular communications with stakeholders
    • Keep stakeholders informed throughout the process
  • Month 3-6: Development of Standardized Procedures

    • Work with operational units to understand current procedures
    • Develop standardized SOPs
  • Month 4-9: Technology Selection

    • Identify necessary technology systems
    • Begin selection and procurement process

Year 2:

  • Month 1-12: Technology Implementation

    • Implement selected technology systems, such as ERP
  • Month 4-12: Change Management

    • Prepare organization for upcoming changes
    • Implement communication campaigns and training programs
  • Month 6-12: Compliance Checks

    • Ensure new procedures and systems comply with regulations

Year 3:

  • Month 1-6: Integration of Operations

    • Integrate operations across different units
    • Implement standardized procedures
  • Month 6-12: Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Monitor progress of transformation
    • Evaluate impact using KPIs

Indeed, disruptions to business operations can occur due to the transition process. However, our consultants are well-acquainted with these potential disruptions. We assess and manage the readiness levels of employees and benefits owners both before and after the transition. We also manage attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and values. Without effectively managing stakeholder perceptions, attitudes, values, beliefs, and norms prior to the transition, achieving a smooth transformation would be impossible.

We deploy business continuity management and risk management systems to ensure a smooth transition. Furthermore, our effective stakeholder engagement tools and methodologies help us to be proactive and manage issues before they occur.

Setting up a TMO can help organizations ensure that their transformation initiatives are well-coordinated, strategically aligned, and effectively implemented. It serves as a central hub for managing change and tracking progress, making the transformation process more organized and efficient.

While a TMO significantly increases the likelihood of a successful transformation, it doesn’t guarantee success. The success of a transformation also depends on factors such as the organization’s readiness for change, the quality of the transformation strategy, and external factors like market conditions.

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