Strategy Management Framework

A strategy management framework is a structured approach used by organizations to develop, implement, and monitor their strategic plans. It provides a systematic way to align the organization's vision, mission, and goals with its resources and capabilities to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategy Development

A strategy management framework is a structured approach used by organizations to develop, implement, and monitor their strategic plans. It provides a systematic way to align the organization's vision, mission, and goals with its resources and capabilities to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Vision & Mission

The framework begins with defining the organization's vision, which is the long-term desired future state, and the mission, which outlines the purpose and reason for the organization's existence.

Environmental Analysis

This step involves analyzing the external environment, including industry trends, market dynamics, competition, technological advancements, and regulatory factors. It also involves assessing the internal environment, such as the organization's strengths, weaknesses, resources, and capabilities.

Goal Setting

Based on the environmental analysis, the organization sets specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that align with its vision and mission. These goals serve as the strategic objectives that the organization aims to achieve.

Strategy Formulation

Evaluate options and alternatives to choose the best strategies for achieving goals. Consider SWOT analysis and strategic approaches, like market penetration, product development, diversification, or mergers and acquisitions.

How can IBIS Consultancy help you develop your strategy?

We facilitate workshops, disseminate knowledge on cutting-edge managerial tools, provide mentorship and coaching to leaders, gather and analyze information and data, and offer business intelligence solutions to facilitate informed decision-making based on wisdom-driven insights.


Facilitate Workshops

We offer comprehensive leadership in visioning, employing strategic tools such as the "do nothing" strategy, PESTLE analysis, and SWOT workshops. Our approach leverages advanced brainstorming techniques, including affinity diagrams, Delphi methods, cause and effect analysis, Tornado analysis, and an array of other workshop facilitation methods, to elicit profound insights and foster creative thinking among participants.

Coach & Mentor

We provide strategic leaders with personalized guidance and support through one-on-one meetings, empowering them to navigate the strategy formulation process with enhanced confidence. Our commitment extends to weekly meetings with strategic leaders, where we equip them with the latest and most advanced tools and techniques to steer the development of their strategic initiatives. In delivering our coaching and mentoring services, we adhere to industry-leading standards such as the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and Managing Benefits frameworks. By leveraging these robust methodologies, we ensure that the strategic leader is equipped with a profound framework that encompasses strategic thinking, risk management, and benefits realization, ultimately leading to favorable outcomes and sustainable success.

Business Intelligence Services

We diligently gather and meticulously analyze a wide array of data pertaining to both the external and internal environments. Our comprehensive approach to data collection encompasses a multitude of factors. When it comes to the external environment, we delve into vital aspects such as competitors' activities, pricing dynamics, potential substitutes, customer behavior, emerging market trends, legal requirements, and the overall human resources landscape. In analyzing the internal environment, we employ a rigorous examination of efficiency and effectiveness measures, performance indicators, resource allocation and utilization, human capital dynamics, psychological capital, social dynamics within the company, and the intricate tapestry of organizational values, norms, attitudes, cultures, and beliefs. By leveraging this extensive range of data and insights, we enable organizations to gain a profound understanding of their operating landscape and make informed decisions that drive sustainable success.

Readiness Measurement

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's readiness to achieve the required strategic objectives. Based on the current resources available, we will provide you with professional insights on the feasibility of your strategy. We understand the importance of identifying potential obstacles and will work with you to determine the most appropriate solutions to overcome them. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive feedback that will enable your organization to achieve its strategic objectives efficiently and effectively.

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Strategy Execution

TMO & Strategy Execution

The TMO acts as a bridge between the strategic objectives of the organization and the operational teams responsible for executing those objectives. It provides governance, guidance, and coordination to ensure alignment between strategy, technology investments, and execution efforts.


This includes allocating resources, setting up organizational structures, defining responsibilities, establishing performance metrics, and creating a supportive culture. Clear communication and involvement of stakeholders are essential during this phase.

Performance Monitoring

To ensure the effectiveness of the implemented strategies, continuous monitoring and measurement of performance against the defined goals are necessary. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established to assess progress and make informed decisions. This step often involves regular reviews and reporting to management and stakeholders.

Strategy Review

As the external environment changes, the organization needs to review and adapt its strategies accordingly. This involves regularly reassessing the internal and external factors, evaluating the effectiveness of implemented strategies, identifying new opportunities or challenges, and making necessary adjustments to keep the organization on track towards its goals.

Embed in Business As Usual

The newly implemented strategy regimen seamlessly assimilates into the very fabric of the organizational DNA

How can IBIS Consultancy help you deliver your strategy?

Our organization offers the option to create an internal TMO within your company or to subscribe to our TMO services for a monthly fee. Our team of professionals is equipped to assist with assurance reviews, document lessons learned, and provide software solutions to ensure smooth operations.

Assurance reviews

As an independent and professional agent, we are committed to supporting your organization in collecting data related to strategy implementation progress, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our services encompass a comprehensive range of benefits, quality assessments, risk evaluations, issue identification, and post-project reviews, all geared towards delivering critical and timely information to decision makers.

We understand the importance of providing accurate information to help guide your organizational initiatives, and we pledge to provide thorough and actionable insights to support strategic decision-making.

Knowledge Management System

We will implement an effective knowledge management system to enhance the execution of your strategy as well as prevent possible errors from occurring. Our plan entails diligent data gathering on various areas of concern such as delays, budget constraints, lack of engagement, inadequate conduct, miscommunications, and missteps. Furthermore, we will create a stakeholder profiling mechanism which will enable us to effectively manage and track progress during the transformation process.

The framework, methodology, policies, and tools utilized in executing your strategy will be carefully updated to ensure maximum efficiency.

KPI Management System

Our team will provide valuable assistance in selecting a suitable software application to facilitate a successful transformation process. Our expertise includes identifying a dashboard management system tailored to your specific performance management requirements.

In partnership with reputable service providers such as Amplify and Wovex applications, our support extends beyond selection to include training and implementation.

Framework, Methodology, rules and policies

Our team specializes in providing tailored implementation frameworks to address your organizational transformation needs. Our focus is to guide the decision-making process, establish clear communication channels, and define the appropriate power structure within your organization.

Our methodology translates these frameworks into actionable steps, providing guidance for methods, activities and processes that will achieve successful delivery of your strategy.

Additionally, we work collaboratively with your organization to ensure the development of policies, rules, and standard operating procedures that promote harmony and ensure successful transformation.

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