Admin, PA and Secretarial Certification

About this course

Admin, PA and Secretarial

This course is a guide for those interested in working as any kind of administrator in an office setting. This includes personal assistant (PA) and secretarial positions. It’s also ideal for those who currently hold administrative positions and want to expand their skills in order to learn new tips and tricks.

In each module, the course will evaluate a specific skill that is necessary in every administrative position. We will go over general skills, such as customer communication and confidence in the workplace, as well as more specific skills, such as business writing and useful computer applications.

Participants in this course will acquire valuable information that is directly applicable to any administrative position. Whether they be as a PA or a secretary, jobs in administration deal with many aspects of a business.

Employees in these positions have to deal with senior staff and customers, as well as other businesses. In order to do so effectively, they need to have a wide array of skills that address all these areas.

This course offers a deeper look at these necessary abilities and leaves students able to do their administration jobs with greater ease, skill and confidence.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • Valuable skills that will help in any administrative position
  • How to use Microsoft Outlook and Excel
  • How to communicate with senior staff
  • How to communicate with customers and clients in a professional manner
  • How to manage your time and keep organised in your job

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Gain valuable skills that are attractive to employers
  • Gain tips and tricks that are useful in the workplace and can help you carry out your job more effectively
  • Learn about everything that a PA or secretarial job entails
  • Learn how to conduct business online, on the telephone and in person
  • Improve your confidence in the workplace to enable you to become a better employee


Benefits Obtained :