Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Foundation

About this course


Agile Project Management (AgilePM) is the world’s most popular Agile management framework.

Based on the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), AgilePM offers the flexibility and adaptability of Agile alongside the control and alignment of traditional project management methodologies.

It can be applied to almost any business or organization and can even be used alongside other frameworks such as PRINCE2 Agile.

Passing the AgilePM exam qualifies a candidate to take the AgilePM Practitioner examination.

Becoming a fully qualified AgilePM practitioner equips students with the tools, best practices, and perspective to thrive in Agile project management teams and even take on higher-paying roles.

More about the course

This course is designed to prepare students to sit and pass the AgilePM Foundation certification exam.

At the same time, the assets and insight included with the course can also help students to begin applying what they learn in order to create value for their organization.

Benefits for Individuals

Agile project management is in high demand in the world of business. Studying AgilePM equips students to thrive in Agile project teams, allowing them to create business value while also gaining experience. 

Becoming certified in AgilePM can also enable students to unlock new career opportunities and even higher-paying roles.

As we mentioned earlier, AgilePM is the world’s most popular Agile project management framework, and successful students can find work in almost any industry or sector.

Benefits for Organizations

AgilePM has proven to be a demonstrably effective project management framework.

It prioritizes the end product. Goals are completed and established iteratively based on changing project requirements and environmental factors.

This adaptive approach leads to end-results that are far better suited to client requirements. 

What sets AgilePM apart from other Agile frameworks is its greater focus on control and alignment.

This counters many of the main issues that businesses tend to have with Agile management and allows them to enjoy the benefits of Agile without having to worry about projects becoming unfocused or going off track.

Investing in AgilePM training for employees also has the advantage of giving them the chance to apply what they learn in their day to day work.

Not only can this start creating returns on training investments early on, but it can also help students retain more of their training, making them more likely to pass their exams.

Course Outline
An Introduction to this AgilePM Foundation Course

Following an introduction, this module provides students with a course guide.

Module 1: What is Agile Project Management?

This module describes Agile, along with the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) and its philosophy.

Module 2: The DSDM Principles

This module looks at the eight principles of the DSDM.

Module 3: The DSDM Roles and Responsibilities

This module describes the roles found in the DSDM at project level and solution development level, as well as in supporting roles.

Module 4: The DSDM Products

This module looks at the 14 products specified in the DSDM’s approach to project management.

Module 5: The DSDM Process

This module examines the phases of a typical DSDM project.

Module 6: Planning and Control

This module looks at how to plan projects in accordance with the DSDM and AgilePM.

Module 7: MoSCoW Prioritization and Timeboxing

This module examines two key AgilePM tools: ‘MoSCoW Prioritization’ and ‘Timeboxing’.

Practice Exam Simulators

The course features two practice papers for the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) Foundation certification examination. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the course modules before attempting the practice exams.


This course comes with a FREE voucher that can be used to take the official Agile Project Management (AgilePM) Foundation certification exam. The exam itself can be taken online via a service provided by ProctorU.

There are no prerequisites for sitting the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) Foundation exam.

Exam format:

  • This is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 50 questions
  • There is a time limit of 40 minutes to complete the exam
  • The exam is closed book, with only the provided materials being permitted for use
  • The pass mark for the exam is 50%: you must get 25 out of 50 questions correct

Please ensure your device meets the system requirements before booking your exam. You can do so via this online test.

What do you get?

  • Six months’ access from the date of purchase to complete your training
  • 17+ hours of online training content
  • Free exam voucher
  • Access through multiple devices
  • Offline player for studying on the move
  • Tutor support


What is AgilePM?

‘Agile Project Management (AgilePM)’ is a project management framework. Based on the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), it combines the flexibility and adaptability of Agile management with the tighter controls and alignment of traditional project management. This has helped it become the world’s most popular Agile framework.

Who owns AgilePM?

AgilePM is owned by APMG International.

Is this AgilePM course accredited?

Yes, this AgilePM Foundation certification course is accredited by APMG International.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for taking this course or sitting the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) Foundation certification exam.

What is the duration of this course?

This course provides over 17 hours’ worth of training materials. This includes learning modules, module-level assessments, revision modules, practice exams, and additional reference materials that can help you with your exam preparation.

How long can users access this course?

Learners receive six months of access from the purchase date of the course.

How long is the exam voucher valid for?

The exam vouchers are valid for 12 months from the point when they are issued.

How can the exam be taken?

The course includes an exam voucher for the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) Foundation certification exam, which can be taken virtually online using a service provided by ProctorU. 

Please ensure your device meets the system requirements before booking your exam. You can do so via this online test. Please visit the APMG International website for more information and guidance.

Does the course include a manual?

The course does not require a manual. 

What you will learn

Introduction to Agile Project Management (AgilePM®):

  • Understand the fundamental concepts, principles, and terminology of Agile Project Management.

Key Concepts of AgilePM®:

  • Gain insights into key concepts such as iterative and incremental delivery, customer collaboration, and responding to change.

AgilePM® Principles:

  • Explore the eight AgilePM® principles, including focus on the business need, deliver on time, collaborate, and engage stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities in AgilePM®:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of team members within an AgilePM® framework, including the project manager, business ambassador, solution development team, and more.

AgilePM® Lifecycle:

  • Learn about the AgilePM® lifecycle, including pre-project, feasibility, foundations, evolution, and deployment.

AgilePM® Products:

  • Explore the key AgilePM® products, including the product backlog, timebox plan, and the prioritized requirements list.

By completing the Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Foundation course, participants will have gained a solid understanding of Agile project management principles and practices, enabling them to contribute effectively to Agile project management initiatives within their organizations.

Benefits of this course

Internationally Recognized Certification:

  • Completion of the AgilePM® Foundation course leads to an internationally recognized certification, demonstrating proficiency in Agile project management methodologies.

Enhanced Project Management Skills:

  • Participants develop foundational project management skills specific to Agile methodologies, enabling them to contribute effectively to Agile project management initiatives within their organizations.

Improved Project Delivery:

  • By understanding AgilePM® principles and practices, participants learn how to deliver projects more effectively, delivering value incrementally and responding to changing requirements and priorities.

Alignment with Organizational Objectives:

  • AgilePM® helps organizations align project management practices with strategic objectives, ensuring that projects contribute to the achievement of organizational goals and benefits realization.

Better Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Participants learn stakeholder engagement techniques for effectively engaging and communicating with stakeholders within an AgilePM® framework, fostering collaboration and support for project initiatives.

Foundational Agile Delivery Techniques:

  • Participants gain insights into foundational Agile delivery techniques, enabling them to understand and apply Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup, and more.

Tailoring AgilePM® for Projects:

  • Participants understand how to tailor AgilePM® methodologies to suit different project environments and organizational contexts, ensuring that project management practices are fit for purpose.

Introduction to Risk Management:

  • AgilePM® introduces participants to basic risk management principles and practices within an Agile framework, setting the foundation for more advanced risk management techniques.

Overall, the Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Foundation course provides individuals and organizations with the foundational knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively manage Agile projects, deliver successful outcomes, and drive organizational performance and success.


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