Applying for Alcohol Licensing Certification

About this course

Applying for Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol licences are a legal requirement for all situations where alcohol is provided, and failure to have one can result in serious legal consequences. The process involved in securing the right type of licence can often be confusing, but this course will provide you with everything you need, in order to make it clear.

We will begin by describing the background and different types of alcohol licences so that you know which one you require and why. Next, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply for each type of licence, including where to find the application forms and who to contact for area-specific information.

We will also describe the role and duties of the all-important Designated Premises Supervisor, which is an important legal requirement for licensed premises.

Finally, we will cover the objectives, rules and conditions relating to the licensing process, so that you can understand the entire concept and be certain of your legal responsibilities and duties.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn on This Course:

  • The different types of licences — when they are required and what they entail
  • A step-by-step and detailed guide to successfully applying for each type of alcohol licence
  • Who the Designated Premises Supervisor is, and why you need one to fulfil your legal responsibilities
  • All you need to know about the objectives, rules and conditions surrounding alcohol licensing in the UK

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Avoid serious legal consequences, including significant financial penalties and criminal charges
  • Save time and avoid confusion by getting all the correct information in one place
  • Improve your industry reputation and relationship with local authorities by following the correct process
  • Increase business by operating ethically and improving your brand reputation


Benefits Obtained :