Blog Creation and Management Certification

About this course

Blog Creation and Management Certification

If your business relies on social media and website traffic, in order to attract your customers, having employees with the right skill set, to execute a clearly-defined and effective social media strategy is imperative.

Blogging is an increasingly popular and effective mechanism for businesses to communicate with its customers, and this Blog Creation & Management Certification will give your employees all of the skills and knowledge that they need, in order to get started in this fast growing area.

What you will learn

What’s Covered in the Course?

The 10 modules in this course offer the learner a wealth of information regarding blog creation and management. Here are some examples of what they will learn:

  • Basics of blogging, including key terms, the history and current uses of blogs and how they can be effective;
  • How to set up a blog, such as choosing domain names and hosts, if it is a self-hosted blog, or choosing a blog hosting service;
  • Ideas on how to choose blog topics that resonate with the target audience and are interesting, unique and benefit the business;
  • Tips on how to produce high quality written and visual material in a blog and the importance of using media;
  • Specific information and guidance on using blogs, in order to engage with the customers of your business and further grow the business,
  • Making money from blogging, including using advertising or promotions and how to attract customers from blogs to purchase products or services;
  • How networking with other bloggers can be beneficial, in order to expand the target audience and help with idea generation;
  • Links between blogs and other social media platforms and methods to maximise the exposure to the blog, by engaging with users of other types of social media;
  • How to remain protected from online security and safety threats.

Benefits of this course

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are some of the many advantages for your employees undertaking this course:

  • Students can easily combine work and study, due to the fact that they can complete bite-sized modules at their own pace and on any device;
  • Their new skills will ensure maximum success for your business when using blogging to attract and retain customers;
  • The course provides lifetime access to the valuable information contained in the course, so that students can refer back to it in the future.


Benefits Obtained :