Carbon Reduction Measures and Becoming Green Certification

About this course

Carbon Reduction Measures and Becoming Green

This course will teach you the importance of reducing your company’s carbon footprint in an attempt to slow down global warming by reducing greenhouse gases. You will understand the role that your company can play in assisting the UK government to reach its target of net-zero by 2050. You will become familiar with the types of interventions that are required to reduce carbon emissions and make your company greener.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • What global warming, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions are
  • How to implement carbon emission reduction policies and procedures
  • The legislation that guides the right choices for reducing your carbon footprint
  • How to implement training programmes to motivate staff to become greener
  • What resources you can utilise to ensure that you know the best way to control your carbon emissions

Benefits of this course

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

  • Gain valuable skills that you can use to run the environmental programme at your workplace
  • You could offer guidance and advice to colleagues concerning reducing carbon emissions
  • You will be aware of creative new products which suit the green market
  • You will be able to bring a broader spectrum of proficiency into your organisation
  • Understand how to implement valuable changes to help your company become compliant with net-zero regulations


Benefits Obtained :