Coaching and Mentoring Skills Certification

About this course

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

Mentors and coaches are important when it comes to building up one’s confidence and skills in just about any profession. These experts provide short-term and long-term guidance throughout the learning process. The best part of all is not everyone has to be a coach or mentor to use these skills.

However, not everyone has good mentoring or coaching potential. This is where taking the time to perfect your coaching and mentoring skills can help you stand out in life and at work.

For those who choose to take the time to learn about these crucial skills often benefit from having a better understanding of people, how to convey knowledge in an active learning environment and help people build themselves and prosper.

While there are many ways one can help guide people, they tend to focus on certain aspects of help.

With this course, you will learn more about mentoring and coaching along with other related professions.

What you will learn

You Will Learn:

  • About the different types of occupations related to coaching and mentoring and how they differ from coaches and mentors
  • About the differences between coaching skills and mentoring skills
  • About the different types of coaches and mentors
  • More about the different levels of certification for coaching and mentoring skills, as well as other potential requirements to become a coach or mentor

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of what a coach and mentor do and how they help people
  • You will learn about new skills that can help improve other areas of life, including relationships
  • You will gain skills that can help you work in managerial roles and other related jobs that require good leadership, coaching and mentoring skills
  • You will gain more confidence in yourself and develop a better understanding of people


Benefits Obtained :