Communication Barriers in the Workplace Certification

About this course

Communication Barriers in the Workplace Certification

Difficulties in the workplace are often a result of communication issues. Barriers to communication are specific items that hinder the exchange of ideas, information, or thoughts. Learning how to address these issues can help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your working environment.

This course will be looking at six of the most common workplace communication barriers, including interpersonal, physical, cultural, language, gender and status barriers, as well as how to identify and overcome each.

What you will learn

You Will Learn:

  • What the most common communication barriers in the workplace are
  • How communication barriers affect the workplace and your team
  • How to identify and address relevant communication barriers
  • How to be more effective at communication

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • You will be able to identify communication barriers relevant to your workplace
  • Your knowledge will guide you in overcoming these barriers
  • You will learn to look at communication from different perspectives
  • Your actions will lead to more productive and efficient teamwork in the workplace


Benefits Obtained :