Communication Skills Certification

About this course

Communication Skills Certification

It’s likely that your business relies on communication with customers on a daily basis; therefore, having employees with the right skill set, in order to clearly and effectively communicate, is crucial to the success of your organisation.

This Communication Skills Certification will give your employees all of the skills and knowledge that they need, in order to build upon and improve their existing communication skills.

What you will learn

What’s Covered in the Course?

The bite-sized modules of this course offer the team member a wealth of information about different types of communication style, why they are important and how to improve professional and personal communication.

Here are some examples of what they will learn:

  • What high impact communication is and how to use it for maximum business success;
  • A guide to understanding your own communication style and tips on how to make positive changes to it;
  • How to use good communication skills in the workplace, in order to make positive impressions, create good professional relationships and make an impact across different levels of the organisation;
  • The importance of first impressions and how to use communication skills, in order to facilitate good relationships and quickly and easily build rapport and trust;
  • Some of the barriers to good communication and how to get around them;
  • Why body language is so important, when effectively communicating, and practical guidance on how to use body language to maximum effect, in both the workplace and in personal situations;
  • How to use active listening techniques, in order to develop empathy and an understanding of other people’s perspectives;
  • Ways in which to deal with negative behaviours in a positive manner and quickly turn around difficult situations;
  • Ways in which to elicit both positive and negative feedback and how to use feedback, for continuous improvement.

Benefits of this course

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are some of the many advantages that an employee should acquire, when undertaking this course on communication skills:

  • You can be confident that your team members will have the required skills and knowledge, in order to clearly and effectively communicate on behalf of your organisation;
  • Employees are easily able to combine work and study, as there are no time limits to completing the course;
  • The modular structure of this course allows learners to study at their own pace and continue to work whilst doing so.


Benefits Obtained :