Construction Design and Management Certification

About this course

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 govern and enforce the measures that are necessary to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those working in construction. As the construction industry is high risk, it is imperative that those in the sector understand their obligations and how to ensure that they are complying with the regulations.

This course is designed to provide those who work within the construction industry with in-depth knowledge and understanding of these regulations. It provides information on the legal responsibilities of key duty-holders and their specific duties at each stage of a project. It covers details on the pre-construction information, the construction phase plan and the health and safety file, along with the important role of the HSE and the application and notification process.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • The principles of the Construction Design and Management Regulation 2015, and when these regulations apply
  • The role of the HSE and the notification process
  • Details of the three key documents in the CDM regulations
  • The role of the duty-holders who have legal responsibilities for upholding the CDM regulations

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Understand the importance and application of health and safety
  • Be confident in your legal duties and responsibilities
  • Gain knowledge that will open doors to further opportunities and can be applied to all future projects


Benefits Obtained :