Delivering Useful Feedback in a Corporate Setting Certification

About this course

Delivering Useful Feedback in a Corporate Setting Certification

Giving feedback is required at every level of the corporate chain. Every employee, from the person who is at the lowest grade to the CEO must provide feedback to their staff or colleagues on a daily basis.

Knowing how to deliver this feedback in an effective and useful way is an essential part of running, managing, supervising or even just working in a successful organisation. Knowing how to motivate yourself and others through feedback always leads to greater profits, as well as a happier and more productive workplace.

This course goes into minute detail regarding how to give feedback in an effective way, ensuring that your efforts are well received by those in your workplace.

We begin by talking about the value of giving feedback to all of your staff members.

We then move on to talking about how you can build a feedback-rich corporate culture, regardless of what your organisation’s history happens to be.

Finally, we outline the steps that you should take, in order to deliver effective feedback.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • The reasons why you should give your employees feedback
  • An understanding of why both positive and negative feedback are crucial to the successful operation of an organisation
  • How much value your employees get out of your honest feedback
  • How to develop a feedback-rich culture in your organisation
  • How to deliver feedback that is going to be well-received, regardless of who your recipients happen to be

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Learning how to deliver feedback that is going to be well-received and, subsequently, acted upon
  • Understanding the three main reasons as to why feedback is crucial to an organisation
  • Learning the important role that trust and safety play in an organisation
  • Learning what the compliment sandwich is and how to employ it to your benefit
  • Understanding why you need to be sure that the provision of feedback as the norm in your company is the only way in which you can succeed


Benefits Obtained :