Discover Your Creativity Certification

About this course

Discover Your Creativity

This course is designed for anyone wanting to cultivate a spark of creativity, regardless of medium. Whether you want to make music, visual art, sculpture, film or writing, this course will help you to get in touch with your fundamental creativity by discovering that we all have creative potential. We believe there’s no such thing as a ‘non-creative’ person, it’s just a case of learning and choosing to nurture this part of yourself.

We will help you to understand and cultivate your own creative practice in a healthy and sustainable way, to overcome blockages to realising your artistic desires and to set your unique voice free.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from embracing your inner creativity
  • How to hone your mindset to set you up for cultivating a good creative practice
  • How to tune out judgement and cynicism from your inner critic, learn to nurture your inner creative self, and feel inspired
  • How to explore and expand your creative horizons and live a more fulfilling and creative life
  • Discover a sense of purpose or calling within your creativity – even if that is purely experiencing your own creative joy more fully
  • How to fully embody your creativity so that it becomes a long-term part of (or way of) life, and not just ‘a phase’

Benefits of this course

Benefits of this course

  • Feel inspired or re-inspired to create whatever lights you up
  • Understand yourself, your habits and your creativity more deeply than you have before
  • Learn a whole series of exercises and prompts to guide you back into a state of inspiration that will last you far beyond the confines of these short modules
  • A manageable, bite-sized approach to undergoing the internal growth that is an essential part of the path to creative evolution
  • Make breakthrough progress towards fulfilling your creative aspirations


Benefits Obtained :