Effective Decision Making Certification

About this course

Effective Decision Making Certification

Every day, you are faced with millions of choices. Decisions are everywhere, from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Some, such as what to wear that day, are minor, while others, such as what course of action to take with your business, who to hire or what policies to enact, are much more major.

Each one is important. For example, if you cannot decide what to wear, you may take a lot longer to get ready in the morning or may not feel as confident, once you get to work.

Understanding more about this process gives you the tools that you need, in order to make the right choices for your life. This course goes into detail about the entire decision-making process.

It begins by talking about the various styles of decision making, giving you examples of each.

Next, we explore the traps that often plague decision making. Falling into these traps can derail your entire process or cause you to make an unwise choice.

Finally, we give you the five steps that you should follow, to ensure that every decision that you make is best for you, your needs and the situation at hand.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • The differences between emotional, intuitive and rational decision making
  • When it is an ideal situation for each style
  • The various decision-making traps that you can easily fall into, if you are not careful
  • How to avoid each trap listed
  • Details about each step that you need to follow in the process, and why they are important

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Learning about the benefits of emotional, intuitive and rational reasoning
  • Understanding detailed information regarding decision-making pitfalls, such as confirmation bias and anchoring
  • Learning how to make the best decisions possible for you, your organisation and its future needs
  • Understanding and being able to put into practice each of the five decision-making steps
  • Understanding the value of evaluation, once the decision has been made


Benefits Obtained :