Eye Safety in the Workplace Certification

About this course

Eye Safety in the Workplace Certification

British laws require employers and companies to uphold safety regulations and safeguard their workers from injuries and accidents in the workplace. Eye accidents are very common in the workplace, but most can be prevented with the help of implementation of control measures, use of protective equipment and care. Most workers tend to be unaware of the risks associated with exposure to eye safety hazards and the adverse consequences that can arise. Eye injuries often result in permanent or temporary blindness with the loss of one or more eye functions.

What you will learn

The course on “Eye Safety in the Workplace” explains the following topics in detail:-

  • The importance of maintenance of protective equipment and control measures in order to minimise or eliminate risks and hazards.
  • How to protect workers from chemical splashes and what do in case of emergencies. You will also learn about how acidic and alkaline substances damage the eye in different ways.
  • Exposure to radiation hazards from thermal, infrared, UV and bright light sources and how to protect workers from the risks.
  • How staring at the computer for prolonged periods can lead to strain, headaches and blurred vision. You will also learn different techniques that help reduce eye strain.
  • The types of protective eye equipment and their functions

Benefits of this course

The benefits of studying this course are described below:-

  • You are in a better position to identify the different hazards that exist in your workplace.
  • Employers can invest in the right safety equipment to safeguard their employees from injury.
  • Businesses can upgrade prevention techniques, storage and maintenance of protective equipment for improved accident control.
  • You can educate and update your employees on the risks and hazards associated with eye injuries.


Benefits Obtained :