Female Genital Mutilation, Honour-based Abuse and Forced Marriage Awareness Certification

About this course

Female Genital Mutilation, Honour-based Abuse and Forced Marriage Awareness

More than 200 million girls the world over have suffered some form of female genital mutilation. The prevalence, acceptance and spread of female genital mutilation is a matter of serious concern in the UK and all over the world.

This course explores all the aspects of the practice and is recommended for those wanting to understand more about FGM and for those who work with or are looking to work with children, young adults or families. The course teaches you to recognise the indicators of potential FGM and provides useful insights on intervention and training. It enhances your knowledge of female genital mutilation and tells you what to do in case you come across victims who have suffered this form of abuse.

We also discuss what honour-based violence is and the links with beliefs and traditions, as well as the different reasons for forced marriages and the laws and acts relating to the prevention of forced marriages.

Anyone with an interest in justice, a career in counselling or humanitarian services, or just wanting to understand more about the world around us, will find this course worthwhile.

What You Will Learn:

  • The definitions, terminology and origins of FGM
  • FGM procedures and how the practice is carried out
  • UK laws and legislation related to FGM
  • Short and long-term consequences of FGM
  • How child abuse is linked to faith, beliefs and traditions
  • Definition of honour-based violence, what it involves and the rationale behind it
  • Definition of forced marriages, where and why they occur
  • Prevalence of honour-based violence and forced marriages in the UK
  • Protective legislation and punishments for these crimes

Benefits of Taking the Course:

  • Understanding more about this type of abuse can help you to recognise the signs and symptoms
  • You can use the information and insights provided to enhance your knowledge and raise awareness about these subjects
  • If you work with children or vulnerable adults, you can use the knowledge to help anyone going through this type of abuse

What you will learn

Benefits of this course


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