First Aid Appointed Person Certification

About this course

First Aid Appointed Person

Learning about the first aid appointed person is essential for businesses of all types and sizes and is both a legal obligation under UK law and a potentially life-saving exercise. It is also very commonly misunderstood, and many employers require clarity regarding their obligations.

The first aid appointed person performs the vital role of being the first point of contact for all first aid matters, and we will analyse their four major roles, including taking emergency action and keeping accurate first aid records.

We will also discuss the importance of the first aid kit and provide a comprehensive checklist of everything that needs to be included and learn about the importance of a needs assessment analysis and the legal requirements for appointed people and first aiders.

Finally, we will provide a complete guide for employees and employers on how to choose the most effective appointed person, based on their personality traits and their current role in the organisation.

This is the ultimate resource for understanding everything you need to know about the first aid appointed person in the UK.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • The first aid appointed person’s duties in terms of taking emergency action and
    keeping up-to-date records
  • The importance of the first aid kit and what needs to be included in it
  • How to perform a needs assessment and determine the first aid requirements of
    your organisation
  • How to choose the best first aid appointed person, using both their personality traits and their position within the organisation

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will potentially save lives within your organisation
  • You will avoid the legal consequences of not complying with UK law
  • You will ensure healthy, safe and productive employees
  • You will upskill and empower suitable employees to fulfil an important role


Benefits Obtained :