Fluids and Nutrition in Care Certification

About this course

Fluids and Nutrition in Care

This course is designed for caregivers, including medical professionals, trained carers, and family members who care for their loved ones at home. It focuses on the crucial topics of proper nutrition and hydration in the care environment.

In this course, we discuss the importance of a well-balanced diet and maintaining adequate hydration for patient health and wellbeing. You will explore the various macronutrients and micronutrients required for optimal health in the human body.

Additionally, we will discuss how to assess, monitor and address malnutrition and dehydration, and how to provide nutrition and hydration to patients with health problems, cognitive disorders, and specific dietary restrictions.

What you will learn

What you will learn:

    Throughout this course, you will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • The human body’s fluid requirements and how to ensure people in care have sufficient access to fluids.
  • The significance of good quality nutrition for optimal patient health and wellbeing.
  • The challenges of providing satisfactory levels of food and fluids to individuals in care, along with potential solutions.
  • How to provide satisfactory nutrition for people in care who have specific dietary requirements resulting from disease, food intolerances, or for elective or cultural reasons;
  • The difficulties of and solution for providing adequate nutrition and hydration to people with cognitive deterioration, particularly Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Gain essential knowledge that you can use to meet your personal career goals and improve your ability to offer high-quality care.
  • With a greater understanding of assessing, monitoring, and addressing nutrition and hydration problems, you will be more employable and capable of providing top-rate care.
  • You will be able to bring a broader range of proficiency into your caregiver role, as nutrition and hydration are critical daily responsibilities.
  • By empowering yourself with this information, you can enhance the wellbeing and health of those in your care.


Benefits Obtained :