Health and Safety Basics and Essentials Certification

About this course

Health and Safety Basics and Essentials

This course covers simple everyday aspects that should be practised daily. It is vital that everyone practises excellent personal hygiene, environmental cleanliness, and is aware of safety and emergency procedures. These practices are vital to your personal image, and the health and safety of the various members of a household. Many individuals find this course helps to prepare them for the workforce. Each practice can help shape a person into a responsible and trustworthy one where health, hygiene and safety are concerned.

Health and safety skills are essential to maintain a healthy, clean and safe body and environment. Accountability is the most important characteristic one must possess to be successful in succeeding and practising these skills. Each rule and skill are set towards the desired goal. Health and safety skills are essential in incidents, such as preventing injuries, reducing chances of exploitation, individual empowerment, and they create an efficient environment for everyone involved.

Even if your home doubles as a workplace and your risk for hazard exposure is low, it is still vital to ensure you are living in a clean environment.

What you will learn

You Will Learn:

  • Skills to ensure that you keep yourself safe and healthy
  • How to practise personal hygiene and maintain a clean environment
  • How to address emergency readiness and deal with random situations

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • You can learn everyday practices that apply to any situation
  • Learn skills on how to be prepared and organised in any environment
  • Describe and understand the importance of health, wellness, safety and preparedness


Benefits Obtained :