Home Education Certification

About this course

Home Education

Many parents in the UK are increasingly opting to home educate their children. The trend started back in the 1970s but is becoming popular with thousands of families.

You may wish to home school for a wide range of reasons and it may be the best option for your unique requirements. However, it may be that you have no choice and it is enforced on you for whatever reason, but it is important to help your child continue learning at home.

As with everything else in life, there are advantages as well as a few drawbacks to this system of learning. Home education is starting to make a comeback in the UK and it’s time to become familiar with the details.

What you will learn

What you will learn:

  • What home schooling involves and when children can be home schooled
  • Why parents may choose to home school their children and what the advantages are
  • What you need to ask yourself before you decide to home educate your child
  • Useful strategies that can help you maximise the home-schooling experience
  • What process you need to follow to formally de-register your child from school
  • Under what circumstances the local authorities would be allowed to deny your request

Benefits of this course

Benefits of taking the course:

  • You can explore the idea of home educating your child
  • If one parent is home part time or full time, you can decide if this option is right for your child
  • You can use the effective tips described in the course to reinforce learning at home


Benefits Obtained :