HTML 5 Certification Level 2

About this course

HTML 5 Certification Level 2

Learning HTML5 can be an extremely useful thing for your job or business prospects. While some may like to learn HTML5 for developing their own web applications, others may like to improve their job prospects by adding a valuable skill set. If you’re planning to become a fully-fledged web developer, becoming proficient at HTML5 can help provide support for more advanced forms of coding. This video course is designed to be fun as well as challenging.

What you will learn

Important topics covered in the course include:

  • A run through and revision of basic HTML rules for code and syntax, text editor and recommended browsers
  • How to create and use different tags, elements and empty tags along with the functions of each
  • How to create paragraphs, type text and indent lines for improved formatting on your website
  • How to create formatted text, headings and different levels of headings
  • How to use tags to create lists, arrays, quotations and citations
  • How to use HTML5 code to create CVs, external and internal links and create attributes
  • How to use HTML code to link webpages and also share resources with website visitors
  • How to include different types of digital content including audio, video, animation and so on (Rich Internet Applications)
  • How to create attractive, aesthetic and functional data tables with height, width, border adjustments
  • How to create functional, efficient webpages with radio-buttons, checkboxes and work with numerical and date inputs
  • Familiarity with concepts such as search engine readiness, sourcing code from external libraries, APIs
  • Practice lab sessions where you can test your skills from the tutorials

Benefits of this course

Benefits of the course

  • Well-structured lessons designed as self-contained tutorials that you can do sequentially or otherwise
  • Specially designed coding practice for executing important instructions
  • The video course also helps prepare you for the HTML specialist exam; you can reinforce your knowledge of coding and avoid errors
  • You can practise HTML coding along with the tutorial and test your skills with the integrated lab exercises


Benefits Obtained :