Human Resources Certification Level 2

About this course

Human Resources Certification Level 2

If it is true that the people in an organisation are its most important asset, this course provides the skills required, in order to manage that asset.

The human resources department defines and communicates the policies and procedures that determine whether the company is regarded as a good place in which to work. They determine the appropriate structures needed, in order to accomplish the organisation’s goals, recruit the staff to fill these positions, set up procedures to monitor staff performance and determine appropriate pay scales for staff appropriately.

What could be more important for an organisation?

What you will learn

What’s Covered in the Course?

  • The HR Certificate comprises twenty easy-to-manage modules, covering the mission of the HR Department, which is to recruit and retain a skilled and motivated workforce, committed to the company’s objectives and its future.
  • The course content is designed for anyone interested in the field of HR, whether you are already working in an HR Department and looking to upgrade or refresh your qualifications and skills or you want a change of career direction.
  • Covering all the functions of HR, from recruitment and selection to preparing an induction programme for new employees, the course covers what must be included in employee guidelines and policy and procedures manuals, employee contracts, disciplinary action and grievance procedures.
  • Labour legislation is an important element of the course, together with corporate social responsibility, workplace health and safety, dealing with workplace violence, sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Employee performance management, training and career development and the basics of compensation leave and employee benefits are also dealt with.

Benefits of this course

What are the Benefits of the Course?

  • The course is studied at your own pace and in your own time. There are no deadlines or schedules, so one of the benefits is that you can continue working full-time, while securing the certification you need, in order to fast-track or change your career.
  • You take the final examination, when you feel you are ready and have mastered the material. Your industry-recognised certificate can be downloaded – or posted for a small fee – when you pass the test.
  • Online support is provided throughout the course.
  • Start using what you learn within the workplace, without delay.


Benefits Obtained :