Identifying Causes of Conflict Certification

About this course

Identifying Causes of Conflict Certification

Identifying the causes of conflict is absolutely essential for everyone today. As the pace of modern life increases, so does conflict, and learning to identify the causes helps to properly deal with it and ensure productivity and contentment.

This course provides a comprehensive insight into conflict – what causes it, how to identify potential problems and, most importantly, how to manage it.

From the full definition and categories to the actual consequences and ways to minimise and manage it, this course covers everything you need to know about handling conflict.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • The full definition and different types of conflict
  • The difference between good and bad conflict
  • How to identify the causes of conflict
  • The consequences of conflict
  • The skills needed to handle conflict

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • You will be able to identify conflict triggers at home and at work
  • You will improve your relationships at home and at work through conflict resolution
  • You will learn how to be more productive by managing conflict
  • You will learn how to apply powerful conflict avoidance techniques
  • You will understand the consequences of conflict and be able to completely avoid them


Benefits Obtained :