Introduction to Animal Care Certification

About this course

Introduction to Animal Care

Learning more about proper animal care is a skill that can take you far in life.

Not only does it give you the tools you need to properly care for your own pets, but it also gives you the foundation you need for an incredibly rewarding career in the animal care field.

Everyone from breeders and dog walkers to animal shelter volunteers can benefit from more knowledge about caring for the animals in their lives.

This course gives you an overview of what goes into proper animal care.

We begin by talking about care as it applies to household pets, such as cats and dogs. This module gives you tips and strategies you can use when you need to handle your pet, in order to keep them comfortable and at ease. The first module also discusses the Animal Welfare Act as it relates to domestic animals.

Our second module goes into detail about farm animals and other types of livestock, discussing applicable legislation and giving you an overview of environmental and dietary needs.

What you will learn

You Will Learn:

  • How to safely handle domestic animals
  • Why it is important to do your own research on your specific animal’s needs
  • The relevant pieces of UK legislation relating to animal care and welfare
  • The difference between providing for a household pet and providing for a farm animal
  • The types of food common farm animals consume

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Learning more about the housing and nutritional requirements of various animals can help you become better prepared for animal guardianship
  • Understand more about the work that goes into caring for a household pet or livestock
  • If you work with animals or are interested in pursuing a career in that field, this course gives you a solid foundation you can build from
  • If you are thinking about adopting or fostering a pet, you can learn about the legal and ethical requirements animal owners have
  • If you are passionate about animals, you can learn more about existing rights and protections


Benefits Obtained :