Introduction to Childcare Certification

About this course

Introduction to Childcare

The role of a childcarer is a very important and highly rewarding one. It is also one which has many regulations and skills to understand and, without the proper knowledge, it is very difficult to be successful in the industry.

This course provides you with everything you need to know to begin or further your journey in the world of childcare.

We cover the duties, responsibilities and various environments associated with childcare to help you get both an objective and in-depth subjective view of the different jobs available. We go into full detail about the legislative and regulatory requirements of the job, focusing on the importance of equality and diversity in childcare as well as a step-by-step guide to registering as a childcarer in the UK.

The child-centred and coordinated approaches to childcare are explained in full and we also describe the fundamentals of child safeguarding and how to apply them in your career. The importance of maintaining professional boundaries, legally working with children alone and how to deal with allegations either against yourself or other people are also discussed, and we go deeper into legal requirements as they relate to transporting children, handling their data and regulating their media intake.

Lastly, we delve into child behaviour by analysing common disorders, how to recognise them and provide you with a complete guide to behavioural management techniques for children.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • The duties and responsibilities of a childcarer
  • The various environments in which childcarers can find employment
  • The legislation and regulations for childcarers and how to register successfully in the UK
  • The industry standard child-centred and coordinated approaches to childcare
  • The golden rules of safeguarding and how to apply them in your role
  • How to operate legally by maintaining personal boundaries, understanding how and when you may work alone with children, and how to deal with allegations
  • How to operate legally and acceptably within the industry when transporting children, dealing with their data, and controlling their media intake

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Improve your current childcare skillset and further your career
  • Avoid any serious legal implications by operating within the law
  • Impress any interviewer by understanding childcare fundamentals and industry standards
  • Form a deep and meaningful bond with the children you care for, making you better at your job and more in demand in the industry
  • Understand children better and get the best out of them while caring for them
  • Give parents peace of mind by doing the best possible job of caring for their beloved children


Benefits Obtained :