Mental Health Training for Teachers Certification

About this course

Mental Health Training for Teachers

This course will teach you the importance of being trained to recognise mental health issues in colleagues or pupils in a school environment.

If you are trained to recognise mental health problems, the types of mental health issues that can arise and the signs or symptoms, you will be in a position to offer help or to refer people for professional help.

This course will help you understand the complexity of mental health issues and give you skills to help other people deal with their mental health issues.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • What mental wellbeing is
  • About the stressful nature of teaching
  • How to identify mental health issues in adults and children in the school situation
  • The effects of Covid-19 on mental health in the teaching profession
  • How to identify signs and symptoms of common mental health issues
  • When in-house help will be beneficial and when professional help is required

Benefits of this course

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

  • Gain a valuable skill that you can use to help your colleagues and pupils and increase your credentials as a valuable employee
  • Become more employable – you could offer guidance and counselling to people suffering from mental health issues
  • You will be able to bring valuable training programmes into the school situation to benefit mental health
  • Empower yourself and others with the information in this course


Benefits Obtained :