Method Statements Certification

About this course

Method Statements

This course on Method Statements examines the uses of and motivation for a Method Statement, particularly in the construction industry.

It also creates an understanding of the risks of working in the construction industry and of the requirements for the person responsible for drafting the Method Statement.

It also examines the legal requirements relating to Method Statements and their interaction with Risk Assessments and other documents and creates an understanding of the full scope of the Method Statement.

It ensures that the student will be able to write a comprehensive Method Statement.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • How to be aware of risks inherent to the construction industry, and how a properly implemented Method Statement can control and even eradicate these risks
  • An understanding of the requirements of Method Statements and their interaction with the Risk Assessment
  • Tools to develop a Method Statement
  • Examples of the types of hazards that you may have to include in a Method Statement

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of This Course:

  • You will have a broad overview of the role of Method Statements in ensuring worker health and safety
  • If you are involved in any aspects of the construction industry, it will improve your understanding of the health and safety requirements and regulations in the industry
  • It will improve your career prospects in the construction industry, by introducing you to a set of skills that you can apply at any stage of your career
  • It will help you to be the type of construction employee that a management team would wish to have on board


Benefits Obtained :