Mindful Listening Certification

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What you will learn

Mindful Listening

It has never been more important for us to learn how to listen to one another properly than today. In a world with millions of voices, many of them angry and divisive, we need to slow down and truly listen to each other. Mindful listening provides you with the tools to connect deeply and effectively with everyone in your life.

In this course, we begin by going in-depth into mindfulness as a concept and learn the most effective mindfulness techniques, including meditation, body scans and more.

We discuss the important connection between empathy and mindful listening by teaching you how to become more empathetic through tried and tested techniques, as well as how to recognise and avoid the cognitive biases that get in the way of empathy.

Lastly, we cover the most effective, simple and fun mindful exercises to ensure that you become a trusted, selfless and truly mindful listener.

Benefits of this course

What You Will Learn:

  • How to become mindful through meditative and other highly effective techniques
  • A detailed guide to mindful listening, including the benefits and the conversational and body language techniques
  • A complete guide to empathy, including traits, methods and techniques to develop deep and lasting empathy
  • The most effective and practical mindful listening exercises for all ages


Benefits Obtained :