Nightclub and Bar Security Certification

About this course

Nightclub and Bar Security

A bar, pub, casino or nightclub may have a queue for entry, with security staff, commonly referred to as bouncers, managing the access to the premises. This is an important job, ensuring that those who enter are safe and legally allowed to be there. These staff also ensure that the establishment does not exceed capacity.

Being a bouncer comes with many responsibilities. Bouncers not only protect staff and patrons from difficult or dangerous situations, but also protect the business owners by ensuring the relevant rules and regulations are adhered to.

The job can be dangerous. To address any possible violence in clubs, bars, tourist and nightlife attractions etc, it has become more of a business need than a liability to hire bouncers. This means that regulations and certifications are the standard when hiring. UK regulations require that anyone whose job involves guarding licensed premises must hold a Door Supervisor Licence.

Those who make the effort to learn what it takes to be the gatekeeper of clubs and bars often benefit from a deeper understanding of the job.
With this course, you will learn about what a bouncer is, the job requirements, necessary skills, and much more.

What you will learn

You Will Learn:

  • About bouncers, how they differ from other security professions and the job requirements
  • The skills needed for bouncers to ensure a safe and secure environment
  • Regulations, laws and what a bouncer can and cannot do
  • About the many challenges, risks and even perks that come with being a bouncer

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Gain a new perspective into the world of security and what it takes to become a security guard for various nightlife establishments
  • Develop a set of skills that can be applied in other professions and areas of life
  • Understand what it takes to work in the security field and the challenges security guards often face
  • Understand the relevant laws and regulations and how they impact the safety and security of bouncers, businesses and patrons


Benefits Obtained :