Organic Gardening Certification

About this course

Organic Gardening

This course on organic gardening will teach you many of the important skills for gardening organically, with a view to producing fresh produce in a way that is both good for the environment and for your own health and that of your family.

Organic gardening is a technique using healthy soil and growing plants without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It encourages the development of an ecosystem that acknowledges the part that people, plants and wildlife play in creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits all.

Organic gardening requires discipline and knowledge of soil science, organic controls of pests and diseases, and of developing plant immunity.

What you will learn

What you will learn:

  • The philosophy and importance of organic growing.
  • The importance of good soil and how to create it.
  • How to identify plant diseases and pests and know what organic controls to introduce.
  • The value of companion planting and learn which plants make good companions
  • Plant nutrition and fertilization and how to treat deficiencies.
  • The value of seed saving and how to manage it.
  • How to identify possible business opportunities as an organic grower and realise the benefits of organic growing.

Benefits of this course

Benefits of taking this course:

  • You will have a skill that will add value to your health and wellbeing
  • Know how to help the environment by growing naturally and sustainably.
  • Gain the potential to develop a career as an organic grower.
  • Develop a relaxing, rewarding hobby that will bring pleasure into your life.
  • Grow nutritious, healthy fruit, herbs and veggies to promote your health and that of others.


Benefits Obtained :