PCI DSS Certification

About this course

PCI DSS Certification

An understanding of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is vital for anybody involved with card payments whether in an administrative or end-user capacity.

This course provides a comprehensive insight into every aspect of the PCI DSS, including the history and background as well as the current legal requirements and consequences of non-compliance.

From how to comply and be safe using 3rd-party entities, to how to draw up and adhere to your own compliance checklist, this course covers every aspect all role players must know.

What you will learn

You Will Learn

  • A comprehensive definition and history of the PCI DSS
  • The goals of PCI DSS as well as the very real threats it seeks to prevent
  • How to become fully compliant using 3rd-party entities or on your own
  • The categories and necessary requirements for full PCI DSS compliance
  • The nature of common vulnerabilities and how to completely eliminate them

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • You will be able to become completely PCI DSS compliant
  • You will understand the current and evolving risks involved around credit card fraud and how to save your company from potential harm
  • You will be able to draw up a checklist and a plan of action for you or your company to remain compliant on a regular basis
  • You will understand the legal requirements for both the end-user and service providers and how to avoid serious liability
  • You will understand the various categories of compliance as well as the responsibilities for each category


Benefits Obtained :