Prevent Duty Certification

About this course

Prevent Duty

Terrorism is a real and looming threat, and its devastating effects have been experienced time and time again. One of the major tools that terrorist groups use to promote their propaganda and garner support, is the radicalisation of youths and students from a young age. They try to increase their numbers through constant contact, communication and brainwashing of young minds.

While most children are not attracted to such groups or activities, some may be at higher risk of radicalisation.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • How terrorists use intimidation and fear to reach their objectives, and the similarities and differences between terrorists and extremists
  • How terrorist groups use radicalisation of youths to achieve their social, economic and religious ideologies
  • The different methods by which extremist organisations attract new candidates from schools and educational facilities
  • How teachers and school staff can assess risks and observe signs of worrying behaviour
  • What teachers and school staff are expected to do in the event that they notice any cause for concern
  • The CIN provision and how to deal with the situation if a child or group is discovered to be vulnerable to radicalisation

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of This Course:

  • You will be able to appreciate the strong connection between support for terrorist groups and the radicalisation of youths
  • As you understand the signs that indicate risky behaviour, you may be able to identify potentially susceptible children and refer them for help
  • You can take proactive steps to create and encourage a positive, empowering environment at school
  • You can nip in the bud early unacceptable behaviour, including bullying, harassment or discrimination, and prevent the growth of resentment among students

The Prevent Duty recommendations seek to protect young people from the effects of extremism by promoting inclusivity and encouraging positive debate and discussion.


Benefits Obtained :