Privacy and Dignity in Care Certification

About this course

Privacy and Dignity in Care

The course is designed for health care professionals, such as nurses, doctors, and care workers, who are looking to enhance their understanding of privacy and dignity in care and improve the quality of care they provide to patients.

It also provides advice for anyone who cares for a loved one in their home.

Many carers are professional, well-trained and competent to offer physical care to their patients, but they must understand the emotional and psychological needs of the people they care for; to be treated in a way that strengthens their self-esteem and helps maintain their autonomy.

This course will help you understand the complexity of dealing sensitively with people needing care from childhood to end-of-life, by respecting their privacy and maintaining their dignity.

What you will learn

What you will learn

  • The nature of privacy and dignity in care
  • The legal framework governing privacy and dignity in care in the UK
  • The importance of respecting and maintaining privacy in a clinical setting
  • The various aspects of providing dignified care for older adults
  • The challenges of providing private and dignified end-of-life care
  • The requirements of providing care that respects dignity and privacy in the long-term care situation

Benefits of this course

Benefits of this course

  • You will have a valuable skill which you can use to help meet your personal career goals and increase your credentials as a sensitive and kind carer.
  • You will be more employable as you could offer a better quality of care than someone who is not aware of the importance of treating people with dignity and respect.
  • You will be able to bring a broader spectrum of proficiency into your career as a caregiver.
  • You will empower yourself with the information in this course and bring a greater level of wellbeing and happiness to those who are in your care.


Benefits Obtained :