Product Liability Certification

About this course

Product Liability

Recent years have witnessed a steady stream of global product crises, recalls and litigation due to defective products. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in different sectors have been the subject of regulatory scrutiny. With the increasing complexity of supply chains, pressures of emerging technology and growing opportunities, the reputational and financial risk for manufacturers and suppliers is on the rise. This is the right time to become more aware of potential exposure to legal risk and litigation.

Our online course on product liability helps any individual involved in product design, manufacture, marketing, supply or retail. The course is also useful for consumers who may like to refresh their awareness of product liability claims and their legal rights as UK citizens.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • Why product safety is crucial for customer welfare and how product liability plays an important role in consumer welfare
  • The different aspects of contractual compensation under product liability and the conditions under which it applies
  • Factors that determine the extent of damages for which the defendant is liable
  • Limitations to contractual liability in terms of time and monetary compensation, and negligence claims under laws of tort for liability
  • The importance of product safety, design, manufacturing and labelling defects, and how to manage a product recall
  • Causation, damages and limitations under laws of tort, possible defences that can be adopted by defendants, and the Consumer Protection Act of 1987

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking the Course:

  • You can use the useful insights and information provided to protect your business from potential product liability litigation
  • The course is an ideal introduction to product liability, especially for those who plan to study the subject in detail
  • As a consumer, the course can help you become more aware of your rights in terms of product safety and liability


Benefits Obtained :