Professional Relationship Counselling Certification

About this course

Professional Relationship Counselling Certification

You can use this specially designed course to supplement your traditional counselling qualifications. You will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the emotional issues, problems and obstacles that can occur in a relationship.

Every couple is different, and the nature of their relationship will depend on a number of factors. Career or financial pressures and life transition points can weaken a relationship that was previously strong and cause acrimony. An increasing number of couples experience rising relationship stress due to the hectic pace of modern-day living.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • The different circumstances, behaviours and factors that can have a negative effect on relationships and cause friction between couples
  • How each partner expresses themselves and an analysis of control, power and violence in relationships that usually forms the basis of conflicts
  • How to help clients uncover hidden, repressed and simmering emotions and redirect their communications with each other using positive strategies
  • How to help the couple explore positive and responsive rather than reactive strategies while communicating with each other
  • How to counsel couples to recognise patterns in the relationship and analyse the different types of conflicts
  • How to help couples overcome their problems and develop positive strategies to sort out their differences

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course:

You can benefit from the professional relationship counselling course in several ways, including:

  • Your role as a counsellor can help couples overcome their problems and improve their relationship
  • Being a relationship counsellor can be a rewarding experience as you help people relate positively to one another
  • Your services as a relationship counsellor can help unite warring couples and restore family harmony and wellbeing


Benefits Obtained :