Questioning and Listening Techniques Certification

About this course

Questioning and Listening Techniques Certification

Questioning and listening techniques are at the heart of effective communication in an organisation. Poor and ineffective communication is as much a cost to the business as effective communication is an asset.

On the subject of communication, this is not just a case of efficiently and effectively passing on work instructions, but it encompasses everything from giving and receiving feedback, negotiations, customer service and teamwork.

Poor and ineffective communication damages productivity and staff morale. This course teaches the two vital communication tools, showing how they work in building constructive business and personal relationships.

It builds on the existing skills of an employee and develops new ones, in order to make them both a good listener and a good questioner to get the most out of their relationships with colleagues.

What you will learn

What’s Covered in the Course?

Staff members can expect to cover the following on this course:

  • Existing questioning and listening skills are supported and enhanced, and new ones are developed;
  • An understanding of the most important communication skills;
  • How to communicate more effectively;
  • The causes and consequences of miscommunication;
  • Advice for implementing important listening and questioning skills in the workplace;
  • How to identify hidden meanings in communication and how they give insight into expression;
  • Learning to actively and reflectively listen, in order to reveal important information and insight;
  • Effective questioning, in order to assist in analysing information in interactions with others;
  • How to effectively and accurately ask many types of questions and understand in what situations they should be asked;
  • Techniques to utilise the information received from questions, in order to improve clarity and clear up ambiguity;
  • How to implement an action plan, in order to enhance strengths and continue to build knowledge;
  • How to provide and use positive feedback for personal development.

Benefits of this course

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Employees may expect to profit from the following benefits in association with this course:

  • The company benefits from the enhanced questioning and listening skills of the employee, as there is an immediate improvement in effective communication;
  • Better interpersonal relationships are fostered, and teamwork and co-operation improve;
  • There are less instances of miscommunication;
  • The course is online and taught in a modular format that enables the employee to study in their own time;


Benefits Obtained :