Racism Awareness Certification

About this course

Racism Awareness

Racism is a social, economic and ethical problem that has existed for several centuries.

Although awareness is on the rise, and the overt, aggressive incidents are fewer in number, racism continues to exist in the UK. Minority groups and individuals belonging to different ethnicities face subtle, indirect racial discrimination in several ways.

Racial discrimination exists in schools and offices and affects diverse populations in many ways. It not only affects mental, emotional and physical wellbeing but also impacts other spheres of life. As a nation, the UK stands to benefit greatly by harnessing the talents of ethnic minorities and ensuring that every individual is treated with respect and dignity.

Whether it’s a tourist visiting Britain or an immigrant who has settled here, minority populations should be able to enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • What racism is, and how it manifests itself in different ways
  • Common jargon and related terms that are often used to describe issues related to racism
  • Legal acts and laws in the UK that are designed to combat racism
  • How racism originated from colonial times and evolved into its present form
  • The effects and types of racism
  • Racism in schools and workplaces and steps to mitigate the problem

Benefits of this course

The Benefits of This Course:

  • You can examine your own beliefs and attitudes about others
  • You will be able to acknowledge the problem and become more alert to indications of it
  • As a parent, you can train your child to develop an anti-racist attitude
  • You will learn to treat people from other cultures with respect and dignity
  • As a boss or manager, you can create a harmonious culture that promotes equal opportunities for every employee


Benefits Obtained :