Reducing Stress with Meditation and Visualisation Certification

About this course

Reduce Stress – Meditation and Visualisation Certification

Learning how to reduce stress using meditation and visualisation is absolutely essential for everyone today. As the pace of modern life increases, so does our stress, and learning to deal with it properly makes you happier and more productive.

This course provides a comprehensive insight into both the meditation and visualisation techniques you need, in order to reduce your stress levels; why they work, how they work and, most importantly, how you can use them to your advantage.

From the full definition and benefits of visualisation and meditation to powerful techniques for you to achieve full relaxation, this course covers everything you need to know about reducing stress through meditation and visualisation.

What you will learn

You will Learn

  • The full definitions and benefits of both visualisation and meditation;
  • Effective meditative techniques and styles to help you reduce stress;
  • How to successfully use visualisation to achieve relaxation;
  • How to harness the de-stressing power of Mettā Meditation, which combines meditation and visualisation;
  • All the steps you need to take, to successfully use meditation and visualisation, in order to reduce stress.

Benefits of this course

Benefits of taking this Course

  • You will be able to handle any type of stressful situation;
  • You will improve your relationships at home and at work;
  • You will learn how to be more productive, due to dealing with stress;
  • You will learn how to apply powerful and versatile meditation and visualisation techniques;
  • You will be happier, more relaxed and completely at peace in your life;


Benefits Obtained :