Selective Mutism Awareness Certification

About this course

Selective Mutism Awareness

Selective mutism is a debilitating disorder that can have a very serious impact on children and is also commonly misdiagnosed and overlooked. Selective mutism awareness is vital for parents, teachers and individuals with this disorder so that they can overcome its potentially devastating effects and minimise the symptoms.

We will begin by defining the characteristics, signs and symptoms of the disorder, to make it easier to spot the warning signs. We will also take a look at the causes of the disorder and the multiple triggers that can worsen the symptoms and how to avoid them.

When discussing treatment, you will learn about the goals of treatment, how to choose the right treatment provider and the various types of treatment that are available for individuals with selective mutism.

We will also offer specific tips for parents and teachers, whereby we will discuss concepts such as diagnoses, understanding the disorder, how teachers and schools can help and how families can be more supportive.

Finally, we will provide some practical tips for parents and teachers, to encourage regular communication in children with selective mutism.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • The characteristics, signs and symptoms of selective mutism
  • The causes and triggers of selective mutism
  • Treatment of selective mutism —- how to choose the right provider, establishing treatment goals and the various treatment options available
  • Specific tips for parents and teachers, to help individuals with selective mutism, both at home and at school

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Improve the chances of effective treatment of selective mutism, by identifying the condition early on
  • Improve your child or student’s peace of mind, wellbeing and performance
  • Avoid clashes with teachers and schools, by communicating effectively and working together
  • Give your child the best possible chance of overcoming the disorder, by choosing the most effective treatments and treatment providers


Benefits Obtained :