Staying Safe Online Certification

About this course

Staying Safe Online

Today’s teenagers and youngsters are extremely savvy internet users. They know how to use the internet for a variety of things, including research, downloading study material, playing games, watching movies and chatting with their friends.

However, despite their expertise with the internet, it is important for them to practise caution while online. Extra vigilance and awareness are needed to keep themselves safe from numerous online risks.

Adolescents may experience risks from the internet in a number of different ways, without even being consciously aware of it.

But by safeguarding themselves, they can protect their personal, physical and financial safety.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • Why the internet is here to stay and why young people are at higher risk
  • How adolescents are exposed to a number of different risks on a daily basis
  • How to protect yourself from the dangers of online radicalisation
  • How you should practise safe surfing to protect yourself from a variety of risks
  • How to protect financial information, credit cards and bank accounts online
  • How to practise safe online chatting and how to keep your Instagram extra secure

Benefits of this course

Benefits of the Course:

  • You will learn the rules of responsible online behaviour or safe surfing
  • You can keep yourself safe from online extremism by recognising danger signals
  • You will learn how to conduct commercial transactions without revealing important financial information to potential fraudsters
  • You will learn to navigate the internet without making yourself vulnerable to cyberstalkers and sexual predators

While the internet offers a number of advantages, it’s also a place where we need to be very careful. Adolescents are in the process of transitioning to adulthood and this is the right time to learn about staying safe online.


Benefits Obtained :