Stoma Care and Management Certification

About this course

Stoma Care and Management

Thousands of people in the UK undergo stoma surgeries and live with stomas. While having a stoma can be stressful during the initial stages, a person can feel more confident once they understand how to change stoma pouches, maintain hygiene, and prevent leakage.

The good news is, wearing a stoma need not prevent anyone from enjoying their life to the fullest, including sports, physical activities, travel, and intimacy.

This course is written with a view to help raise awareness of what stomas are, why they are created, and the factors involved in the day-to-day management of stomas.

You will learn:

  • What a stoma is and the different health conditions that lead to the creation of a stoma
  • Common patient concerns regarding stoma care
  • The different types of stomas
  • How to measure stoma size and the factors that determine the best location for a stoma
  • The different types of stoma pouches available and their features
  • The stoma pouch changing process and how to determine when a pouch needs to be changed
  • How to manage diet, sleep, sport, work, and travel while living with a stoma
  • Potential problems that can arise while living with a stoma
  • How a stoma care nurse can provide guidance

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • As a healthcare worker or staff, you can help and counsel patients who have a stoma
  • If you have a stoma, you will gain confidence in changing and managing the stoma pouches on a daily basis
  • If you have a loved one or friend who has a stoma, you can use the insights to help them

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Benefits of this course


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