Tackling Obesity Certification

About this course

Tackling Obesity

Obesity has become a serious health risk in the UK and rates are increasing every year. Learning more about obesity and how to effectively tackle it is, therefore, very important to improve and save the lives of those affected by it.

This course provides a holistic, complete and well-balanced analysis of obesity in all its forms and how we can effectively tackle it as individuals, family members and local and global citizens.

We start by defining obesity and looking at the facts and stats while also defining the correlation of obesity to race, socioeconomics and education levels.

We discuss the causes of obesity and provide a detailed guide to recognising and treating obesity in children.

Lastly, we examine new initiatives by the UK Government, the NHS and UK schools, as well as the WHO’s stance, strategies and plans to tackle obesity head-on.

What You Will Learn:

  • The details and facts of obesity as it relates to race, culture and socioeconomics
  • The ten causes of obesity
  • Childhood obesity – how to avoid it, recognise it, diagnose it and treat it
  • The three-pronged approach to eliminating obesity completely
  • Governmental and school approaches to tackling obesity

Benefits of Taking the Course:

  • Help yourself, your family or students to become healthier and extend their life spans
  • Avoid prejudice and ignorance when addressing obesity
  • Vastly improve the quality of your children’s or students’ lives by understanding childhood obesity
  • Save time and money while easing the burden on the healthcare sector by preventing obesity before it becomes a problem
  • Become a kinder and more tolerant teacher and a role model by understanding the social, mental and emotional impact of obesity
  • What you will learn

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