Teaching Phonics Level 2 Certification

About this course

Teaching Phonics

Phonics is one of the most important building blocks in a child’s English education, and it’s essential for teachers to be well-versed in it. In this course, you will be introduced to phonics and how you can effectively teach it. There are so many different approaches to phonics, as well as different ways that teachers can tackle challenges that they are faced with. In this course, you have the chance to learn about the details of phonics and the many ways that it is taught.

Throughout the four modules, your course will take you through the UK’s research and testing standards. This is an essential element of any teacher’s skill set, and the Teaching Phonics course aims to provide you with a well-rounded set of abilities. Phonics may seem simple to the native English speaker, but it’s actually full of challenging ideas for young learners and new English speakers to grasp. This course will give you the tools to teach phonics to anyone, no matter what their skill level.

What you will learn

You Will Learn:

  • What phonics is and how you can effectively teach it
  • The different types of phonics lessons and what they focus on
  • The different phases of phonics education and the ways they are evaluated
  • The challenges that you may encounter when you’re teaching phonics
  • How to use confidence and unique approaches to help struggling students

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will understand the important aspects of phonics education in the UK
  • You will gain valuable information about the proven approaches to phonics
  • You will become confident in your teaching skills and use the right approaches for each situation
  • You have the opportunity to test your knowledge and gain a sense of the challenges you may encounter


Benefits Obtained :