The Complete Menopause Toolkit Certification

About this course

The Complete Menopause Toolkit

The menopause can be a challenging and frustrating time for many women. In the UK, nearly 13 million women are menopausal, which is roughly one-third of the female population.

The information contained in this course helps women put physical, mental and emotional aspects of the menopause into perspective and brings a sense of understanding to the symptoms experienced.

The ‘Complete Menopause Toolkit’ provides a complete overview of the menopause, including the biology, hormonal changes, symptoms, and coping strategies.

Although the course mentions ‘women’, it includes anyone who has a menstrual cycle.

What you will learn

Benefits of this course

What you will learn:

• Why and how the menopause happens

• The hormones that play important roles in the menopause transition

• How genetics, lifestyle and other factors affect the timing and menopause experience

• The different stages of the menopause

• How diet and regular exercise can help

• How to adopt positive ageing practices

• How employers can support women during the menopause transition and how women can cope in the workplace


Benefits Obtained :