The Self-Care Certification

About this course

The Self-Care Certification

The purpose of this course is to help support you in taking ownership of your own wellbeing and looking after yourself the best you can.

We will guide you through ways in which you can help yourself mentally, nutritionally, physically, socially and through prioritising. The course will look at practical methods for self-coping on all  levels and will offer guidance on how you can tie it all together by creating a healthy day-to-day routine and setting manageable, achievable, realistic and healthy goals.

We will cover issues including how to ease isolation and loneliness; finding motivation while faced with the monotony of working from home; coping with heightened anxiety induced by not being able to work at home, or from being at higher risk, or from protecting those at risk in the community generally; managing the cabin fever of family dynamics; establishing healthy boundaries; enduring separation from loved ones and coping with grief.

The course will offer simple, practical ways to help you cope with these various issues, as well as signpost you to resources that can offer you further help, should you feel you need it.

What you will learn

You will Learn:

  • How to build and maintain a healthy mindset
  • What to recognise as warning signs your mental health may need further support
  • How to help your body regulate some of the hormones essential for good mental health
  • How to become more conscious as to healthy ways to manage social challenges

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Feeling empowered that you are taking a proactive step towards better wellbeing for you, and for those around you
  • Improving your mental, physical, social and habitual health and feel better equipped to manage the many challenges you may face
  • Feeling better able to support loved ones and your community; a healthy and balanced person is always better able to support those around them, so prioritising self-care really does help others as well as yourself


Benefits Obtained :