Travel Writing Certification

About this course

Travel Writing Certification

Travel writing is descriptive and beneficial to writers in many ways. With benefits ranging from financial gains to the chance of exploring new destinations, it is a lucrative career and pastime passion for many people worldwide.

You will feel more satisfied each time you travel to a new destination and share your experiences with others. Travel writers do not just engage in the art to earn money, but also to explore an activity they are passionate about. You cannot become a successful travel writer overnight but with practice and patience, the sky’s the limit.

This travel writing course has been designed specifically for you to help enhance your travel writing skills. We first define travel writing and discuss how it differs from other types of writing.

Next, we cover different types of travel writing so that you can better understand what it is all about. You will find the knowledge gained here necessary when it comes to choosing a niche to focus on.

We go on to review the four main types of travel writing, including freelance travel journalism. You will also learn about the benefits of travel writing and how to become a travel writer.

Finally, we delve into various writing techniques you can adopt or practise to improve your travel writing skills.

What you will learn

You Will Learn

  • The meaning of travel writing, what it entails and related term
  • The differences between travel writing and other forms of writing
  • The different types of travel writing and how they’re often use
  • The benefits of travel writing
  • How to become a travel writer
  • Writing techniques to help you improve your travel writing skills

Benefits of this course

Benefits of Taking this Course

Taking this course will help you:

  • Achieve personal goals
  • Create a writing routine
  • Improve your writing and communication skills
  • Foster your creative thinking skills
  • Get guidance and motivation to become a travel writer
  • Learn something new about travel writing and how to write good travel stories/articles
  • Start travel writing


Benefits Obtained :