Upper Body Massage Certification

About this course

Upper Body Massage Diploma

The Upper Body Massage course is filled with information that will help you learn how to expand upon massage techniques to focus on the upper body areas. It will also help teach you how to work with individuals who are in pain and seeking treatment. This course is ideal for massage therapists who want to expand upon their practice, or for students who want to learn more about conditions of the upper body.

There are several conditions that can lead to back and neck pain and the correct massage technique can help to relieve the symptoms. This course will provide you with an overview of different facial, head, back and neck massage techniques that you can use to relieve pain.

This internet-based training course provides students with the opportunity to study course material whenever it is convenient. Many students enrolled in the course, can still work a full-time job while they study.

You can access the course material from any device with a valid internet connection, and receive online support while you train. After completing the course, and passing an exam, you will receive a recognised diploma, which you can print out at home. If you prefer, we can post the diploma to you for a small cost.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn

The upper body massage course offers students everything they will need to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. This course will cover:

  • What massage therapy is
  • The different systems in the human body
  • The structure of massage tables and how to use them
  • Which other types of therapies can be used alongside massage techniques
  • How to give an Indian/Eastern head massage
  • How to perform a facial massage
  • How to give a proper back and neck massage

Benefits of this course

Benefits of the Upper Body Massage Diploma

There are several benefits for students who complete the course and earn their diplomas. These include:

  • The convenience of studying from anywhere, at any time.
  • The option to study at your own pace.
  • The ability to study from any device including computers, mobile phones or tablets.
  • An easy to understand course structure, which is broken down into short manageable modules.
  • Convenient online support available while you train.
  • An all-inclusive course syllabus, which virtually guarantees you the knowledge required to help heal others through massage therapy.
  • Improving prospects while applying for work or volunteer opportunities in the massage therapy field.
  • An affordable pricing structure.
  • A certified and recognised diploma.


Benefits Obtained :