Vegan Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Certification

About this course

Vegan Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle

Veganism is the perfect solution for those looking to adopt a healthy and proactive style geared towards protecting the environment. Veganism not only offers a healthier alternative but also promotes a cruelty-free approach to health and nutrition.

Raising farm animals involves heavy consumption of valuable resources including land, water and oils. If you are committed to protecting the environment and are willing to make significant changes to your lifestyle, being a vegan can help you become healthier and enjoy a higher sense of wellbeing.

This course is designed to help you understand and appreciate the numerous advantages of adopting a vegan life.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn

  • How to have a vegan lifestyle, and tips to transform your current eating habits
  • An in-depth look at the nutrition quotient in terms of vitamins, minerals and proteins from the perspective of a vegan life
  • How to distribute your meals and plan them in a way that ensures you are able to consume healthy nutrition
  • How to incorporate a cruelty-free approach with regard to clothes, make-up, food, house cleaning products and materials like silk and leather
  • How to consume adequate vegan nutrition during prenatal and antenatal phases

Benefits of this course

Benefits of the Course

    The course on vegan health, nutrition and lifestyle has many benefits to offer:

  • You can help other people adopt vegan lifestyles and explain how they will benefit, and you can practice veganism yourself and enjoy a healthier life.
  • Going vegan protects the environment from abuse and animals from cruelty. We are able to enjoy better health and vitality without resorting to the consumption of meat products.
  • Practising veganism helps you achieve weight loss goals the healthy way while reducing the risks of certain cancers, stroke and heart disease.


Benefits Obtained :