Warehouse and Transport Management Certification

About this course

Warehouse and Transport Management Certification

This course offers all the information necessary to successfully manage any warehouse in the UK. The course includes content from understanding how a warehouse works and functions, to managing employees and warehouse safety.

Do you run a transport business and are looking to improve employee knowledge? Do you work within the transport business and want to improve management skills within your organisation?

This course is an ideal programme too for anyone looking to upgrade skills or provide current employees with an up-to-date programme that will give them everything that they need for transportation management, no matter what mode of transport is required. Whether the mode of transport is by land, air or sea, this programme has been designed to cover the basics of transportation management in the UK and beyond.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn – Warehouse Management

  • The main function of warehouses in today’s modern business structure
  • The equipment found in warehouses and how technology supports it
  • The processes often used in warehouses for maximum flow
  • The importance and process of picking in a warehouse
  • Successfully managing the inventory of a warehouse
  • Managing and controlling stock in a warehouse
  • The functions and processes of supply chains and how to optimise them
  • The management of your staff whilst managing the operation of a warehouse
  • Promoting safety in a warehouse and developing a health and safety policy
  • Controlling costs when managing a warehouse

Benefits of this course

What You Will Learn – Transport Management

  • An introduction to transportation management, so that the learner will gain a foundational knowledge of the subject
  • Transportation infrastructure within the UK, including the processes involved in transporting by road, rail, air and sea
  • The differences in freight and passenger transport, and the regulations required for each, including the necessary documentation needed, to successfully transport people or goods
  • The intricacies of port-to-port transportation and inland waterways
  • An overview of the latest trends and challenges within the industry, so that your employees will be up-to-date on current happenings, along with industry standard best practices
  • A specific focus on health and safety, which will give your staff the skills required, in order to access situations prior to transportation, why health and safety processes are in place and the related regulations.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the transport manager


Benefits Obtained :