Whistleblowing Training for Employers Certification

About this course

Whistleblowing Training for Employers

This course will teach you the importance of whistleblowing in an organisation and educate you on what the process entails. It will enable you to implement a whistleblowing policy and train your staff in the procedures and protocols of whistleblowing.

Whistleblowing means that a worker in a company or organisation can report wrongdoing or dangerous practices utilising a protected disclosure to the management or a third party. As management, you need to buy in to and endorse this process to support your workers and bring transparency and ethical practices into your company.

Workers will automatically be protected by whistleblowing law if they follow the correct protocols and report criminal activity or civil disobedience, and you will need to facilitate the process for them.

What you will learn

What You Will Learn:

  • What whistleblowing is.
  • When whistleblowing is acceptable, when it’s an obligation, and when it is not appropriate and another form of disclosure should be used.
  • The procedure of whistleblowing and how to train your staff and management to follow the procedure.
  • The risks and problems which could arise from whistleblowing
  • How to ensure that your staff are never penalised or forced to suffer any detriment due to whistleblowing.
  • The legal requirements and regulations related to whistleblowing and your role and responsibility as a manager.

Benefits of this course

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

  • Have a vital skill to help bring honesty and transparency to your company.
  • Be able to offer guidance and counsel to whistleblowers in your company.
  • Bring a broader spectrum of proficiency into your company including an endorsement of ethical behaviour and transparency.
  • Empower yourself, fellow management and staff.
  • Know how to develop an effective whistleblowing policy that meets legal requirements.


Benefits Obtained :